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November 18, 2021

How to Buy Hifi Finance (MFT) Coin

What is Hifi Finance (MFT) Coin

Hifi Finance (formerly Mainframe) is a lending protocol that allows anyone to borrow against their digital assets. Hifi uses a bond-like instrument, representing an on-chain obligation that settles on a specific future date. The tokenized debt enables fixed-rate, fixed-term lending and borrowing.

  • Mainframe Token (MFT) is the native utility token of Hifi Finance, and has the following use cases:
    • Governance: MFT token holders can participate in the protocol governance, and vote on improvement proposals.
    • Ecosystem Rewards: Rewarding contributors to the ecosystem.
  • The Hifi Finance platform consists of the following components:
    • Borrow: Deposit collateral in a vault to mint fixed-rate, fixed-term debt tokens. These debt tokens can be swapped for instant liquidity allowing users to leverage long, yield farm, or pursue other strategic trades without selling their collateral tokens.
    • Lending: Buy fixed-rate, fixed-term debt tokens for a discount. When the term expires they can be redeemed for face value, earning lenders a predictable return on their investment.
    • Provide Liquidity: Earn trading fees by providing liquidity between debt tokens and stablecoins on an Automated Market Maker (AMM).
  • Hifi Finance (formerly Mainframe) launched its token in Q1 2018, with a total token supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens.

How To Buy Hifi Finance (MFT) Coin

1.Step: Everyone who is planning to invest in or benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrencies wonders the answer to Where to buy Mft coin question. First, you need an online wallet to buy cryptocurrencies. You need to sign up to Binance exchange from here, which is preferred globally to buy coins and you can buy coins with fiat currencies. You can quickly access many assets and trade types such as altcoins, future markets, and margin by creating a Binance account.

Sign up for Binance

2.Step: Complete your registration by typing an email to the email section or typing your phone number on the section available on the mobile tab. Click/tap on the “Buy Crypto with Your Credit Card” option after the registration and verify your identity.

3.Step: Continue the process by typing the amount you would like to invest and your preferred cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that for security reasons, your credit card/debit cardholder information must match with the name available on your account. If you would like to buy cryptocurrencies with a wire transfer, you need to follow the Buy Crypto > Third-Party Payment options to pick your preferred fiat currency to buy cryptocurrencies.

4.Step: If the cryptocurrency you are planning to buy is not available on the list, buy USDT “You can always redeem 1 USDT Coin for US $1.00”. You can buy any coin you want with USDT by following Buy-Sell > Classic steps. We have provided the answer to How to buy Hifi Finance coin, now you can view the cryptocurrencies you bought by clicking on the wallet summary available on your Binance account. You can sell your assets when their value increases, or you can withdraw them to your bank account in desired fiat currency.

How Much is a Hifi Finance (MFT) Coin

Hifi Finance (MFT) coin prices are updated instantly in USD, Euro, Sterling currencies in the following table.

Where to Buy Hifi Finance (MFT) Coin