June 15, 2021

Персональный ассистент / Personal assistant

Hello I'm Dasha! I’m involved in a few projects and need to organise my life the way I can spend more energy and time on important things. That’s why I’m looking for a personal assistant who will help me to stay on top of everything. Working will me you'll grow your expertise in project management, marketing, hr and education. It's a remote position with flexible schedule.

About me

  • I’m Head of ENG Product & Learning Experience in a global online coding school for kids with 10x revenue growth yearly
  • I’m also going through a birth of a startup and have a lot of personal projects I want to do
  • I love mentoring people and have a lot of experience with helping people to grow professionally
  • I live as a digital nomad these days in between Russia and other places like Georgia and Turkey
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  • Strong communication skills and love talking to people
  • All about logical, structured thinking and communication
  • Good with Google Docs / Slides / Sheets
  • Want to grow through new experience
  • Result oriented and responsible
  • Able to work at least 20 hours a week (with me you can choose your own schedule)
  • Ready to work in Moscow time zone and to be a bit flexible
  • Ready to work both in English and in Russian
  • Okay with being paid as self employed

Will be a plus

  • Project management experience
  • Interested in pursuing a career path in project / product management / edtech / marketing / hr
  • Good sense of style
  • Good with Notion, video editing, digital design

As my assistant you will be

  • Helping me to organise my nomad lifestyle (tickets, tennis coaches, visas and so on)
  • Helping me with different researches and learning new things at the same time
  • Driving a few of my personal projects (acting as project manager, translator, social media & pr manager, etc)
  • Looking for the best people for me to hire (cv screening, interviews)

You will get

  • Professional growth
  • Feedback and mentorship
  • Help with continuing your career path
  • Access to my network
  • Salary that will be discussed with candidates individually and will depend on your expertise

Test task

I am in urgent need of an assistant so the test task is short. It takes around 10 mins and doesn’t need any preparation. As soon as I find the person who fits he/she will start the probation period (2-3 weeks).

Test task is here

In case you have any questions: telegram @expecto_petrova.