October 26, 2020

Mental Health Awareness - No one talks about it.

These words plague my mind and keep me up at night. "You are nothing!" "You are pathetic!" "Kill yourself!" "Why do you even matter?!"

I have personally heard these words, some from people, some from the devil. I have heard people tell others this. I have felt the repercussions of these words. Yet, despite my cries for help, despite my ability to fight off the lies and anger that the devil places before me, no one TRULY follows through with helping their fellow brother and sister. Instead, we are told to talk to a licensed individual who is just listening cause you are paying them to.

Those of us who are going through these dark times wish that more people would be aware and listen, but in reality, not many individuals do. October 8th was National Depression Screening Day. One day. One day was given for Depression screening or awareness.

We place a high focus on days like "National Donut Day" or "National Chocolate Day." Our priorities are wrong, incorrect, and even downright shameful. Why, as a society, have we strayed away from caring for one another and only cared for the selfish-flesh desires? There may be a month for National Mental Health Awareness, yet, Halloween predominantly covers that month. A month that is full of antagonizers that do not help those with Mental Health disorders.

As an entertainment, fast-paced, and selfish desired culture, we do not place a high priority on our brothers and sisters who are suffering. As mentioned earlier, we push them off and tell them to seek attention from those who are only listening to earn their paycheck.

How can we accept this as a norm? How can we say this is right? We have friends, family, and even co-workers who are struggling, yet they won't share. We live in a guilt-based society that tells us if we have a problem, we are "unwelcome," "unloved," "not cared for," or even "are sick and need help."

We may need help, but we WANT to be heard, be cared for, loved, and held. The best way I can explain it is... we want a hug, a comfy blanket on a nice soft bed, and have someone tell us, "you are loved, talk away." We want someone to listen, not be a voice of reason. We want a hug, not a high-five. We want comfort, not pushed-and-shoved.

We want people to read and head these words, this month, week, day, or whatever it is; we want to be loved and cared for, not pushed and ignored.