April 4, 2020

Ответы на uTest Cycle Process

How can you find invitations to test cycles? B. In my email, the my activity box on the utest.com homepage, or in the test cycle invite box under projects at utest.com

The overview includes the following information except: A. How many testers are participating in the test cycle

Based on the information in the overview you will make the following decision: C. To accept or decline the invitation to the test cycle

After you accept a test cycle, what happens? C. Additional information about the test cycle becomes available

What is testing? C. The process of evaluating an app, website or product for issues

What are the four different methods of submitting reports? A. Bug reports, test cases, app reviews and usability studies

What are the 3 main types of communication in a test cycle? A. Test cycle chat, tester messenger and email

Which of the following can a tester do after a test cycle locks? B. Edit their submitted bug report and test cases

What is testing? B. Evaluating the test product for issues and bugs