Popular Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore

Aesthetics and beauty treatments are extremely popular in Asia and Singapore is no different. The beauty craze has been ongoing for many years and there are no signs of it stopping as new trends and standards are set every year. Here I'll list some of the more popular treatment procedures which Singaporeans seek out in 2020.

Double eyelid surgery

Nickname: oriental blepharoplasty. An intervention symbolizing global and transversal contamination, Western lifestyle and Caucasian "white power", which overturns schemes, rules and boundaries. It is 2015 when the phenomenon Sun Li - the Chinese star of a famous TV series - breaks out and when the oriental blepharo is told, exhibited and celebrated for the first time.

This is a great article about the single vs double eyelid trends in Singapore https://bit.ly/31UZdHw - in it you can learn in detail who and why they prefer one over the other. Since then there are countless cases of Asian-born VIPs and influencers who have chosen the double upper eyelid, and who are a model to which young oriental minnennials are inspired.


The ultimate radio frequency! Another treatment in Singapore which is of great demand. If used well by an experienced physician, it is able to give excellent results. Thermage™ is only performed in specialized medical centers. It is a firming and invigorating shock treatment using Thermacool™ monopolar radio frequency technology, approved by the American FDA and covered by over 60 patents.

Thermage™ uses a monopolar radio frequency that emits a controlled heat flow, stimulating the production of collagen with a toning and firming effect which is a great method for removing wrinkles. Today the equipment used for Thermage™ is even more effective thanks to the special Multiplex "tips", 4 times the size of the standard ones, designed specifically to treat the body.

The discomfort of Thermage™ treatment is now much less, especially in very sensitive areas of the body such as the inner thighs or arms, thanks to the new tips and new handpieces. A Thermage™ session lasts from 45 to 80 minutes.

Remember that Thermage™ acts only on relaxed skin and/or cellulite of the buttocks, while it has no action on the muscle. Normally only one session is performed and the effects will increase in the six months following treatment.


VelaShape is the concrete alternative to invasive techniques to counteract pads, localized adiposity, cellulite, and to reshape and tone the tissues. It is the first medical platform in the world, approved by the American FDA, for the reduction of circumferences, skin toning and treatment of cellulite. Its action on the buttocks is carried out by reducing cellulite, restoring tone to the skin and shaping forms. Over 70% of people who had Velashape treatment say it's worth it.

The "ELOS™ technology enclosed in VelaShape allows the use of Bipolar Radiofrequency in combination with vacuum and infrared laser. VelaShape combines this exclusive method with a handpiece that performs a deep massage and allows the toning and compacting of tissues. The Vacuum provides vasodilation and contact with the Bipolar Radiofrequency. The massage softens and mobilizes the tissues, reaching the depth of the hypodermic layers.

The combination between Vacuum and Infrared Light allows a general warming of the dermis stimulating the toning and firming of the skin. In addition, the controlled and optimized emission of RF leads to a deeper penetration capacity and a higher peak temperature, and action, in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

The system is equipped with two different applicators (body & contour) for the treatment of all areas of the body, not only the buttocks, but also the legs, abdomen, hips, and arms. The remodeling is visible in just a few sessions, about 20/30 minutes. However, it is also essential to control your weight shape, in fact, when you gain weight, fat deposits will make the whole area lose tone and it will be good to do some maintenance sessions.


The loss of tone and volume of the buttocks can be easily corrected to meet your needs. The benefits of increased buttocks increase the feeling of feeling good wearing a bikini or tight jeans and your self-esteem improves.

With a natural treatment like the one offered by Macrolane you can get what you want. Macrolane™ is a special non-animal hyaluronic acid, designed and created for the body. It is based on NASHA's exclusive and patented Q-Med technology. Macrolane™ is produced in Sweden using top quality raw materials and components.

Q-Med's NASHA™ technology ensures a lasting treatment effect and minimizes skin reactions. Macrolane™ products are highly pure and offer long-lasting results. This is achieved by using hyaluronic acid with a high degree of purity, subjected to the unique stabilization process of NASHA technology.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most versatile and fascinating substances found in nature. It is present throughout the human body and is also found in most other living organisms. Hyaluronic acid is able to bind large quantities of water and this important property is the basis of the unique characteristics of NASHA products.

Macrolane™ is a non-surgical alternative to permanent implant grafting or fat tissue transplantation. Treating the buttocks with Macrolane™ significantly reduces post-operative discomfort, leaves no scars, and does not pose the risks that surgical treatments involve.

These therapies can also be combined to have a "strong" effect. In fact, it is not uncommon to combine a Thermage therapy with a cycle of Velashape sessions or even Thermage or Velashape with Macrolane: between them they have a dynamic effect of mutual implementation.

MEDICAL SPA: Firming massage

The Firming massage stimulates the skin thanks to the best blood circulation through shaping and revitalizing movements. The refined mixture of essential oils present in the formula Orange, Lavender, Patchouly, Ylang Ylang and Geranium, acting synergistically, produce benefits and stimulating effects at epidermal, muscular and circulatory level, effectively firm and tone the buttocks and, in addition, prevent the loss of skin tone and restore elasticity to the tissues.

Thanks to the excellent nourishing oil, the skin becomes brighter and firmer and the tissues more toned. This massage can be combined with Velashape™ sessions, implementing even more results, allowing a better penetration of active ingredients.