how to install ios 14 on iphone 5s
November 26, 2020

How To Install & Update iOS 14 on iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s

How To Install & Update iOS 14 on iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s | THE TRUTH & REVIEW

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The Truth is Won’t work. And you wouldn’t want it to. The Why of it is simple, Apple puts in hardware checks to make sure it is only going into approved devices, If your model isn’t in the list, it won’t install even if you try to force it. They do this after making the decision of what point to cut software update support off. Supporting older devices means not being able to fully exploit the hardware in newer devices, At least the way Apple does it, It also means testing and extensive additional coding needed for each version of the hardware supported.

One of the reasons iOS is as stable and reliable as it is is due to the engineers making it as consistent an experience across the entire landscape of devices it is installed on, So it functions essentially the same on the oldest and newest phones, Of course, it will run quicker and more nimbly on a newer device, and slower, and more sluggishly on an old one. That is because with each new generation of the software, the hardware requirements become a little more demanding, For example, the TV I have today is a 70 inch UHD 4K, The TV I had as a child was a 20 inches SD unit, which means it was running at 640, 480 resolution, This is why old TV shows and movies sometimes looked just fine to us when they were new, running on those old TV’s, but now, look horrible, They are grainy, pixelated, and you can clearly see the blemishes standard definition hid.

So the older hardware in a iPhone 4s or 5s simply isn’t capable of properly executing iOS 14, Furthermore, if it did, it would run horribly, It would be slow, buggy, and crash prone, The engineers never tested it on these environments and didn’t provide code for it. it would be a lot like trying to pull a full sized semi trailer with a 4cylinder 4 speed compact car. You might move it a little, but not very well, so You can't install something that doesn't even exist for a device. Apple builds iOS versions specific for each device, Technically, when you install iOS on a given iPhone, you're downloading a specific version for the specific generation of iPhone that you're using, the iPhone 11 gets an entirely different package from the iPhone XS, for example, and in fact even the iPhone Plus models (6 s, 7, and 8) used different packages from the non Plus models. So there is no iOS 14 package for the iPhone 4s or the iPhone 5s, Further, it wouldn't even be possible to force an iOS 14 package onto the iPhone 4s since that uses a 32 bit CPU, and iOS dropped 32 bit support entirely back in iOS 11, However, even the iPhone 5s, which uses Apple's 64 bit A7 chip, would require a version of iOS 14 compiled specifically for that chip, and since the A7 hasn't been supported by Apple since iOS 12, you're not going to find one.

The only way it would even be remotely possible to get iOS 14 onto an iPhone 5s would be to get your hands on the source code and compile it yourself for that specific iPhone, However, you'd probably have an easier time breaking into Fort Knox than getting your hands on Apple's iOS source code, That is it guys, please like a video, share it, and subscribe on our channel, enjoy in next video and good luck to all.

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How To Install & Update iOS 14 on iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s | THE TRUTH & REVIEW