iPhone 14 Leaks
November 27, 2020

iPhone 14 Review - iPhone 14 Leaks - iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date

iPhone 14 Trailer Soon! Update, Here is a First iPhone 14 Review - iPhone 14 Leaks - iPhone 14 Pro Max Expected Release Launch Date!

Hello. Here is a first review, leaks, release date and potenial concept on future iPhone 14. The iPhone 12 it's here, but an even more radical shift is looming for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Review, iPhone 14 Leaks, iPhone 14 Pro Max release date:

The iPhone 14 rumors have already started cross the internet, even though the iPhone 12 lineup is still fresh. Of course, it's difficult to forecast Apple's trajectory this far ahead, but we know for early iPhone 14 leaks reveal and it will be fascinating changes, so you can forget iphone 12 and iphone 13.

We assume that Apple will offer on all iPhone 14 models with a truly portless design, which is now possible thanks to MagSafe charging. And also will be major display upgrades, also on the back, cameras and definitely apple will use new battery technology.

Here's everything that we know about the iPhone 14 so far.

The first a new iPhone 14 leak reveals that Apple will use what's called soft battery technology in its next iPhones generation, which could allow the devices to offer increased capacity without growing the design on it. The second new iPhone 14 leak that we heard Apple will once again offer four models in the same sizes, as the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 pro max series will sport a much better ultrawide camera.

Definitely we will finally get 120Hz screen. The A low-temperature polycrystalline oxide display for the iPhone 14 Pro would be able to dynamically scale it's refresh rate, a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, LTPO display is a special kind of backplane technology designed for OLED screens and developed by Apple. It can adapt to a given situation for example, 1Hz for an always-on display to 120Hz for a for demanding gamers.

According to Trend Force’s analysts, Apple is planning on switching to system on a chip manufactured using the 4nm process for the A16 chip powering the iPhone 14. Based on current data, Apple is highly likely to continue manufacturing its A16 system on a chip with the 4nm process technology.

iPhone 14 release date. Definitely the iPhone 14 release date will follows Apple's pattern for previous launches, we will see this device in stores on the start of October 2022. of course something similar, iPhone 12 unveiled by October 13 this year, and the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max land in stores and homes worldwide on Friday, November 13.

iPhone 14 review on models. The Apple will once again offer four sizes for the iPhone 14. So we can expect a 5.4-inch iPhone 14 mini, a 6.1-inch iPhone 14, a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro and a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max.

And in the end, information that we heard from our sources is that Apple will go port-less in the next years. Meaning moving from lightning port to completely wireless charging. So one portless iPhone coming next year on iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 will be completely wireless charging on all models, so that will be real revolution.

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iPhone 14 Trailer Soon! Update, Here is a First iPhone 14 Review - iPhone 14 Leaks - iPhone 14 Pro Max Expected Release Launch Date!