December 8, 2019


In order to become a holder of EDC coins and make a stable profit, you first need to create a personal wallet on the official website of the platform.

To do this, you need to create a personal wallet:

Go to EDC registration

Use referal link

-Your username;
-Think of a password;
-Re-enter your password.

use referal link
Go to the purse control panel.

The next step is very important - we need to write down the key phrase, which will be our main way of confirming your wallet and with its help we will be able to restore your account in case of loss of password. If you do not save this phrase, we risk losing access to your wallet forever.
This completes our registration and we are now in the web purse interface

This is how your personal account will look like, which will provide all the necessary features for a comfortable and effective management of your funds. Everything is simple and intuitive.