August 1, 2020

5 Previous IELTS Writing Task 2 Exam Questions and Answers To Target Band 9

Writing skill is something which we are predominantly good at because we have been writing from our childhood and it becomes something we are good at as well.

The IELTS writing task 2 is full of essay topic questions where you have to write a lot. The problem students face here is not writing 250 words, but writing a well-structured essay under the 40 minutes time frame. In this article let us look at some IELTS writing task 2 topics.

Here you will get 5 recent writing task 2 exam questions along with sample answers

Sample Answer for IELTS Test:

Technology has made rapid progress in the past decade. It has changed the way people communicate with each other. It has made lives easier yet taken out the aspect of physical presence which was essential to communicate with another person in the past.

Technology has opened up new avenues in the way we communicate with another person situated anywhere on the globe. It has enabled us to connect and share information with people irrespective of their location. This advancement in technology makes it easier for us to find and befriend like-minded people.

Each new method that is developed also gives us the option to choose the level of intimacy and frequency of our communication with another person. In my opinion, this growth can make people feel socially active and more willing to engage in conversation with new people.

Other View

On the other hand, technology takes away the physical aspect of communication. This limitation can make people feel an absence of the human touch and can take away from the clarity of a message. Communicating through messaging or phone can only go as far as getting the words across.

We human beings are social animals and need to connect with other beings in their physical form in order to feel a deep connection. One always has the option to ignore social interactions online, but it’s harder to do that in real life. I feel that technology doesn’t allow for deep connections to be built because of the above limitations.

Now Wrap it Up

To summarize, technology can be used to build newer connections at one’s own comfort and pace but its limitations don’t allow for deep lifelong relationships to blossom.

Essay Topics Question Number Two:

The only way to solve the increasing crime rate of young offenders is to teach parents better parenting skills. To what extent do you agree?

Sample Answer for IELTS Essay Test:

Family environment and upbringing has a huge impact on the psychology of a child. It is the value system they are brought up in that shapes their personalities. I completely agree that parenting skills play a major role in how children behave in society. Many studies point to an unhappy childhood as the root cause of juveniles committing acts of crime.

Parenting skills are an ignored topic in many societies. Learning how to communicate better with children is a skill that needs nurturing and development over time. One needs to understand the impact that bad parenting can have on children. In recent years we have seen a rise in Juvenile crime. This could be due to families becoming more nuclear and not having the support or wisdom of elders in the family.

Wrap it Up Slowly

There is also an increasing trend of both parents working which can make a child feel alone and disconnected from the family. Given these circumstances, it becomes essential for parents to communicate well and to plan their schedules effectively.

These skills are not viewed as essential by a lot of parents. This can have a negative impact on the behaviour of a child and cause feelings of depression, anger and sadness. If these feelings are left unaddressed, they can escalate into acts of crime.

For a harmonious and peaceful society, every individual needs to contribute and develop the future generation is a task that starts at home. Hence, teaching parenting skills to parents is the right approach to decreasing the crime rate of young offenders.

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