Describe a Family which You Like and Are Happy to Know: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers

The speaking test is one of the stages of the IELTS test where the candidate is given a cue card containing the topic and is expected to talk about it on the spot. This exercise needs rigorous training and proper planning to pass.

Many examples of expected cue cards have been released and used in earlier years as well. They could be descriptive questions that ask you to describe a person, event, object, etc. For example: Describe a family you like and are happy to know, describe an old friend, describe a tradition in your country, etc. Though the topic is easy it is difficult to seamlessly put together words to talk in a fashionable and intellectual manner without prior practice.

Sample Answer of Cue Card Question – Describe a Family which You Like and Are Happy to Know


I have a childhood friend called Disha who has always been a very withdrawn and quiet person. So I was absolutely taken aback when I found out that even her parents and brother were just like her. Just as cold and quiet as she was. Thus I always wondered how they got along. However after so long I have learned to understand and admire this small family.

Who are They and Where do They Live?

Mr Rustogi is a businessman and Mrs Rustogi is a gynaecologist, thus, for the most part, they’re always out being busy with work. Atharv is Disha’s younger brother by a year and went to the same school as ours. This family of four lived in a duplex apartment in the same community as me.

Why do You like Them?

Disha never really did well in academics. However, all the other three members in her family were people with high IQ and good academic backgrounds. Even her brother used to always come first in class.

But Disha never faced any pressure or inferiority because of her low scores in her family. Instead, when her parents discovered that she really liked painting, they encouraged her to join art courses and then study Fine Arts in college too.

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