Building & Construction
October 15, 2020

Ceiling painting

Ceiling decoration is an obligatory stage of apartment renovation. There are many options here:

1. whitewashing - today it is used in the repair of only entrances;

2. painting - this is a modern alternative to the previous inexpensive option, but more practical and pleasing to the eye;

See online calculator - Volume Paint Calculator.

3. plastering with liquid wallpaper - gives the ceiling an interesting texture and various color shades;

4. stretch ceilings are beautiful, waterproof and relatively expensive. They can be performed in several levels. Photo printing is applied if desired;

5. multilevel plasterboard ceilings - make it possible to implement any design solutions in the apartment, but have a drawback in the form of instability to water. The indicated minus will make itself felt if neighbors flood you;

6. suspended ceiling - can be slatted, mirrored or made of metal, mineral fiber or combined cassettes, like the ceiling. This finishing option is good for its ability to hide the electrical wiring, air conditioning system from the eyes, while leaving the opportunity for easy access to communications in case of their maintenance, replacement or reconstruction.

Choose the type of ceiling depending on several factors. One of them is the peculiarities of the room where the ceiling will be finished. For example, in a bathroom where there is high humidity, it will be more practical to stay on suspended slatted or stretch ceilings, since they are not afraid of excessive moisture.

For utility rooms, you can choose to paint surfaces: a neat-looking and inexpensive repair option. If you want to create a spectacular interior, a justified choice would be to order color or photo-printed stretch ceilings.