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October 15, 2020

Crushed stone for landscape design

Crushed stone began to be used in the design of sites relatively recently. It becomes more and more popular every year. Modern landscape designers simply cannot imagine their work without this material.

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The design of the site with crushed stone, not only gives the territory a beautiful look. This crushed rock is durable, environmentally friendly and does not require much maintenance. Stone grains prevent the growth of weeds, help level the surface of the yard or garden, and have excellent drainage properties.

In landscape design, decorative crushed stone is used for:

1) alpine slides;
2) flower bed;
3) ponds;
4) dry stream;
5) decorative filling.

This is one of the most important characteristics of design rubble. In nature, there are breeds with very interesting colors.

Decorative white crushed stone is very popular:

These varieties vary in shade and cost.

Limestone is the most affordable material.

It does not differ in great strength and frost resistance, but these characteristics are not so important for decoration. The stone comes in different shades - from milky white to brown. You can combine several types for a more beautiful composition.

Marble is more expensive.

But it looks more beautiful than limestone. It is also more durable. Most often, the breed is white, honey or light gray. There are pink, blue, yellow and even black varieties.

Marble is highly prized by landscape designers
Marble is highly prized by landscape designers
Flower beds decorated with white marble look beautiful
Flower beds decorated with white marble look beautiful

The most expensive stone is quartz.

Quartz is similar in appearance to marble. But it has a more noble shade and can be translucent, white, white-gray or yellow. In addition, it is a mineral, and therefore it is durable and perfectly withstands adverse environmental conditions. Due to the high cost, it is rarely used in landscape design.

Quartz is a very durable white mineral
Flowerbed, decorated with quartz crushed stone, in the city of Yekaterinburg
Flowerbed, decorated with quartz crushed stone, in the city of Yekaterinburg
In addition to light and white varieties, there are also colored ones. After rain, they take on a richer, darker color. But these are more building materials than decorative materials.

Now they began to often use artificially colored crushed stone. Limestone is best suited for its production. It has a porous structure and absorbs dyes well. When deciding to order such material, pay attention to the manufacturer. Often the grains are covered with cheap paint almost at home. This is dangerous not only because the crushed stone will quickly lose its color, but also because your soil can be contaminated with toxic elements.

Rocks are often composed of different minerals. They lie in layers or form separate inclusions, intertwine in beautiful patterns. Such crushed stone is used to create compositions, dry streams. Stones at the bottom of artificial ponds and on flower beds look interesting.

In the process of crushing, crushed stone can take any shape. The cubic one is considered the most correct. But for landscape design, this is not at all necessary. You can even save money by purchasing material with cone-shaped, triangular, flaky grains.

Flat crushed stone is well suited for laying out the edge of a pond, dry stream, pool. You can use it to line the tracks. Large stones with an original shape are bought for decorating a Japanese garden. A material that resembles rough gravel will add naturalness to your alpine slide.

The choice of crushed stone for design must be approached creatively. Imagine the end result, a picture of your future yard or garden. Then you will know exactly what kind of material you need. Do not chase an expensive stone. After all, limestone or marble at an affordable price can be beautiful. The main thing is that it fits harmoniously into the landscape.