Mathematics & Physics
October 15, 2020

Why do people read texts?

There are three reasons why people read texts.

1. Practical benefits

When writing useful text, ask yourself a test question - will the reader's life be better after reading this text? It is clear that it will hardly become better globally, but for a short time it is quite possible.

2. Curiosity

People consume a ton of information. They read texts that are of no apparent benefit. For example, my favorite Zen channel is about historical battles. He hardly makes my life much better. But I'm curious. In general, I read a lot of this, my friends even call me "a library of useless knowledge."

3. Pleasure

Text that stimulates emotions. If your content evokes emotion, then the reader is likely to enjoy it. Moreover, negative emotions often cause more pleasure.

See online calculator - Character Text Count.

If you combine all three human motives in your texts (benefit, curiosity, pleasure), you will become the kings of content.