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Hello! If you're also interested in all these things, you can ask me a question and check in the event, as an example, you haven't discovered the gear you've got, please contact and we'll talk about its kind and attributes. It's possible you may also receive a high price for this.      Buying boards, chips, transistors and capacitors does not limit the access to valuable materials. If, by way of example, the gold coast on one thing is small, but due to the accessibility and qualitative content of those elements in virtually every equipment, you can earn by the total weight. It's sufficient to disassemble or specify with the help of https://radio-detaly.com/ the indicating and sort of device, to learn the kind and price of this component.      

The single issue to look at when looking for the correct radio components is the characteristic of today's electrical equipment. There's absolutely no substantial amount of precious metals inside, everything is done as efficiently as possible. But, even these components cost money when purchased. My name is Igor, I am 33 years old, working as an electronic engineer, so I also have a hobby to collect and restore old radios, into his collection really dear technics outdated 1930s. With the support of my profession I manage to seek out valuable substances, but often find things that cannot be revived or in my group are already there, and the issue arises, in which to ascertain the previous radios, throw shame, and today isn't the time to throw off. Is it possible to profits from the sale of both transistors, relays or capacitors great cash? Of course, you realize that by contacting a company which you are not familiar with purchasing radio components, there's a chance of remaining cheated, and, of course, to end up in this kind of situation you would like the least.

But, unfortunately, cheating with evaluation and in spite of the payment on the marketplace for receiving radio parts happen quite frequently. Another popular subject of purchasing wireless components are chips. The high price is given for schemes with incoming contacts that are incoming. Radio elements of the USSR likewise have a large proportion of precious metal content, the poet price pleasantly surprises.