Top 5 Ig Fashion Accounts

There are many ways to view Instagram trends, the most obvious one is hashtags. Let's see what fashion accounts are trending.


Pete Jordan is one of the go-to photographers in the fashion industry. He is very creative and he makes use of editing tools to create some stunning photos. His account on Instagram has over 1M followers.

So far, his photos are mostly black and white or grey, like shot using old camera. He also uses filters like black and white, sepia, sepia brown, and sepia scan, although many of his photos are blurred.

He also takes photos of individuals as well as individuals with objects. Besides, he also uses masks and filters to add contrast and shadows on photos. Pete has another account called Pete is an artist which has 1,947,000 followers.


This account is part of Group but is operated by photographer Atelier Cologne. They also shoot for Fashion Fair's book, which is part of J. Crew's biannual publication, but it could not accurate, and this account is totally different.

It is always colourful and has a unique retro-style. His accounts on Instagram have over 100K followers.

Rami Sidani

Rami Sidani is another one of the well-known fashion and food photography. His account on Instagram has 11,927,000 followers. His account is curated and very rich with the wonderful photos of food and products.

His pictures are all about the freshness of food. He uses filters, like sepia, sepia light, cool-down, tachy alpha, and all kinds of filters.

Sidani has a blog called Superscalifragilistic and writes about his daily experiences and thoughts on his Instagram account. He also takes some pictures with vintage cameras and has 350,000 followers on his Instagram account.

This list will certainly not be complete without some of the other well-known photographers, brands, and companies in the photo sharing community. You can also follow them on Instagram or a similar platform.

What about you? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about fashion and food photography?

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