Dry Transfer Wall Labels are Ideal for Museums

For nearly everything today, expectations are sky high – yet budgets often are as limited as ever before. It explains the increasing popularity of museum wall labels made with custom dry transfers. They're ideal for exhibit captions because of their excellent appearance and cost-effectiveness. Dry transfer museum labels are precise and clean in a way that stick-on vinyl lettering cannot match.

Among the significant advantages of custom dry transfers for exhibit captions are their amazing clarity even when they are used for the fine print. When you look up-close, it appears as if they are painted on the museum walls. Even when light is focused and unforgiving, they appear clear and concise. For museum professionals including curators, dry transfers remove a variable from exhibit preparation – because rubbing them on to any smooth surface is virtually foolproof.

If you're new to applying custom dry transfers as museum wall labels, you will be impressed by the ease with which they go on. The burnishing tool that is often included with your decals makes applying them quick and nearly foolproof. Image Transfers in New York supplies a tool for application in every order. It is intuitive to use and makes it convenient to apply rub-on decals quickly and easily.

You send digital files that vendors use to produce your custom dry transfer museum wall labels. It means what comes back is precisely what you ordered. You can send your files instantly online, and the decals arrive back to you in as little as 24 to 48 hours. You have the flexibility of choosing any type font and any Pantone color. Black-and-white is the most common choice, but the color is also available.

When you're up against a deadline as you put up your exhibit, you'll save time by using dry transfers for your museum wall labels. They look great and are easy to apply with excellent results.