May 7, 2020

Dry Transfer Museum Labels Deserve a Try

The word is out among curators at museums everywhere. It is about custom dry transfers and how they make excellent museum wall labels. Rub-down decals have a unique ability to make exhibit captions appear as though they are printed right on the wall. Also, they have superior clarity in the fine print. They give off a look that is clearer than vinyl lettering and nicer appearing than anything from a laser printer. You can apply them easily and quickly, so they are ideal to use when you're working on a deadline. Better rub-ons like the decals from Image Transfers in New York are the choice of many museums.

Exhibit captions play a significant role in visitor's impressions of a show because they are included with every item of the artwork displayed. When they are easy-to-read and concise, each guest reads them and finds out what they need to know. However, when they lack easy readability, people notice right away. Because you want everyone who attends to have an excellent experience, it's a great idea to investigate dry transfer wall labels for future shows. The decals are created with lacquer ink that is adhesive-backed, which gives them a unique look in terms of precision and clarity.

With help from advances in technology, dry transfer museum labels are created from files you supply directly, so there aren't surprises. You receive precisely what you submit, which is great peace of mind if you have a deadline approaching. Also, if some of your exhibit items are in glass cases, or if you have sculpture, it's comforting to know they apply easily to pedestals and glass surfaces. As a result, you're good to go with applying rub-on decals to walls, glass, wood, plastic, and metal. They produce a consistently outstanding look no matter where they are used.

The classic choice is black print on light-colored walls. But then you use custom dry transfers, and you may select any Pantone color with no added charges or complications. It's a useful capability for contemporary art exhibitions that are designed with flair and uniqueness. You can select any hue as long as it has a strong enough appearance to be easily readable. When the pressure is on, and you're working on a high-profile project, you can count on excellent museum wall labels with dry transfers. It's never worth taking chances with lesser methods that could bring last-minute complications.