September 10, 2019

EXTRA-FINE’ Iron Powders for Multiple Applications

Iron is a key element in various applications worldwide because of its extremely lower impurity profile, stable particle sizes, its shape and economically available in various grades and prices. Now the world is moving towards high purity iron with economically viable for their applications considering the market positioning. There are lots of options available to customers for this iron grades from lower to higher purity and prices. However, customers are now getting more conscious about quality and prices with stability & its availability in time.

When it comes for quality, prices, stability, availability and customization, IMP gets the first reference as most reliable source of high purity iron with 100% quality assurance. Few the applications where whole world is demanding the extremely fine particles of iron and being a world best producer of most stable quality of iron with its own set up of customize solution, IMP is always ready to provide the Extra-Fine grades for the various applications to cater.

IMP’s produces extra-fine iron powders have controlled lower particle size distribution (PSD) which has a very good physical and mechanically properties. This extra fine grades being use for different applications from Pharmaceuticals, Diamond Cutting Tools, EMI Shielding, MR Fluids, Surface Coating, Paints, Pigments etc.

Manufacturing Method:

Since Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd, known worldwide for its mots stable process of production- ELECTROLYSIS, IMP has set up their own customized manufacturing system to make sure to get the different grades with different physical and chemical properties with 100% quality controlled. Due to its 44 years plus expertise in iron, built up a standard operating process to supply the consistent products of high purity iron in different PSD.

Extra-Fine Iron Powder Produced by IMP:

  1. EQUIV CARBONYL IRON POWDER (EC10TR): EC10TR grade electrolytic iron powder is an extra-fine iron powder with particle size on FSSS between 2.5 to 3.5 micron. It is irregular shape powder in light gray color with purity > 99.5%. It has improved green strength, more stability, and is ideal replacement for expensive fine iron powders. It is mainly used in Diamond Cutting Tools, Iron Supplements, Pharma, Magnetic Alloys, MR Fluid, and Surface Coating.
  2. Electrolytic Iron Powder EC10: EC10 grade electrolytic iron powder is an extra-fine iron powder having particle size below 10 microns. It is light gray in color and has an uneven shape with purity > 98%. It has the same applications as of Equiv carbonyl iron powder.
  3. Electrolytic Iron Powder CM1: This is specially developed grades of very fine form of electrolytic iron powder where price is critical than quality. It has a purity of >75-90 %, which is less than the other ultrafine forms of iron powder. This is mainly used in pharma products only & few of engineering applications where fineness is important than purity.

Applications of EXTRA-FINE Iron Powders:

Extra-Fine Iron Powder produced by IMP is widely used in various industries for multiple applications that are as follows –

  • Diamond Tools: Fine grades of iron are always playing crucial role in diamond cutting tool industries. Fine grades help to reduce the sintering temp, to increase the life tools, to support to hold diamond properly. Because of its stable nature, it helps to reduce the other expensive metal powders like Co, Ni, W etc. Extra Fine grades made by IMP specially EX10TR is an excellent replacement for expensive forms of other fine iron powders.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Since IMP follow GMP & HACCP practices under ISO 22000 certifications, the extra-fine iron powder can be used as a catalyst and reagent in the synthesis of chemical reactions. Because of its high reactivity and purity of extra-fine iron powder, the manufacturer will get the benefit of high productivity and cost efficiency in its applications. Industrial chemicals sector makes use of this pure ultrafine iron powder to develop the intermediates and bulk drugs. It also uses in pigment applications.
  • EMI Shielding: High purity iron powders are produced in fine grades so that they exhibit outstanding magnetic behavior. These finely graded iron powder suppresses eddy currents and keeps the magnetic behavior stable in the GHz range. This leads to a strong interaction of iron powders with the magnetic field vector of electromagnetic waves which makes them an excellent absorber of electromagnetic frequencies. The iron powder is easily incorporated in plastic or elastomeric materials. Sheet metal, metal screen, metal foam, and copper are some other materials used for EMI shielding.
  • Other Applications: The extra-fine iron powder is also used in Lithium iron phosphate batteries, hard alloy, electric conductive slurry, rechargeable batteries etc.


Since the world is moving towards the high purity iron with extremely fine particles, being the world most stable quality producer of electrolytic iron powders, IMP is becoming more reliable source of FINE IRON for various applications worldwide due to stable PSD, availability, economically accepted, quality assurance and customization with capacity and expertise back up of 44 years plus in iron powders.