Iron Powder Supplier

Industrial Metal Powder (India) Pvt. Ltd. has marked itself by providing high-quality metal powder ever since the beginning. The journey began in 1974 and a relentless effort towards providing a quality product has made it possible to expand our sales in 33 countries. There are countless reasons which make us stand apart from the other manufacturers and this blog will give you 10 reasons why to choose IMP as a reliable source for high purity iron powder needs..

Standards and parameters are essential to bringing quality in the product. While making the product that meets the quality checks, we also ensure that the manufacturing process does not affect the nature of the product. Also, proper documentation and systems have been created to keep regulars checks at all the necessary points for quality control.

One of the reasons which make us eminent metal powder manufacturer is to be certified with ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 22000. We are the only company in the world to have all these certifications together.

Industrial Metal Powder(I) has more than 40 years of experience and  has successfully established trust amongst customers. Through our constant research and upgradation, we have been able to establish ourselves as world leader in providing electrolytic iron powder

We have strong awareness and domain knowledge in iron powder and have keen interest to develop new products through advanced R&D. We believe that Investment in Research and Development doubles the quality of the end product

IMP is the largest producer of the metal powder products which labels it as best among the rest.

IMP strongly believes in giving back to the society and thus works extensively in CSR activities, especially in education sector. We have upgraded many schools in our locality by providing them proper infrastructure and resources. We also run a school for under privilege children. Eradicating anemia is also one of our major focus and we are trying to play our role in Anemia Mukt Bharat.

IMP produces the application which aligns in various industries such as food fortification, chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water remediation, diamond & stone cutting tools, oxygen absorbers, magnetic wedges, cosmetics, surface coating, magnetic paint, non-destructive testings, MR fluids and oil& gas.

IMP believes that including the latest innovations plays important role in to providing quality product. Our investment in advanced lab instruments keeps up updated with recent trends in metal powder industry. The IMP is also armed with skillful workforce, highly efficient manufacturing processes and many equipment of latest technology.

Service is the first step which leads to client satisfaction and we are very keen to ensure that our services our beyond the consumers’ expectations. This is the Mantra we are following to pursue greatness since the 4 decades and it has helped us to gain worldwide recognition.

IMP provides different types of customized products made specifically as per customer’s requirements. We are always ready to take up any challenges and strive hard to fulfill our client’s need. We even provide cost-effective solutions for various high priced products without compromising on the quality.

For any kind of iron powder requirements, IMP is always keen to serve you.