Food Grade Iron Powder - IMP

Iron Powders have multiple applications in various fields. There are mainly three types of elemental forms of iron powders, reduced iron powder, Atomized powder, and Electrolyte iron powder. Each type of powder is used in various applications depending on their physical and chemical properties. Reduced iron powder with FCC grade plays a vital role in today’s food and nutrition industry. It is usually produced by reducing the oxide part such as iron ore, rolled steel scales, etc, which by using solid or gaseous reducer such as coke, charcoal, water gas, reformed natural gas, ammonia, or hydrogen decomposition to generate the sponge iron.

However, IMP has a certain unique process to make the most stable form of food and pharma grade of reduced iron powders. We use a pure form of iron to make the pure for reduced iron powder with world-class Equipements and manufacturing facility located in Pune, India.

IMP is one of the renowned manufacturers of reduced iron powder which exhibits excellent bioavailability and high purity as compared to other reduced iron powders. IMP is the only reduced iron powder manufacturer to have ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 22000 & OHSAS 18001 and have implemented HACCP & GMP principles in their work to render the best of the product. Let’s have a look at the top 5 features of reduced iron powder that makes it worth buying.


The food-grade reduced iron powder has become the go-to choice for making food fortification more Bioavailable, Viable, and Affordable. With established exports to 30 countries worldwide, IMP is a one-stop solution for getting high-quality reduced iron powders at economical prices for various applications, quantity to be required, 100% quality assurance and on-time delivery.