July 29, 2020

Scrumptious South Indian Dishes To Try

India has a variety of dishes to try from the south to the north. The country has spices and a variety of delicious food items. If you sit to see the list of the food that you should try in Indian, then it may take months to complete it. It has a gamut of delicious dishes that are baked, grilled, and prepared in different ways.

South Indian food is quite famous among people. Every region of India has something special and unique in food. India is known for various other things, but today we will talk about its south Indian food. Every south Indian state has something special in their dishes. Everyone has heard of idli and dosa, but it is not only this, they have a range of foods. Here we have listed some of the best south Indian food that you should try.

Delicious South Indian dishes to Try:

1. Puttu and Kadala Curry

It is one of the best dishes that is mostly served for breakfast. The dish is quite popular in Kerala. Puttu is made of rice, and kadala curry is made of black peas (chana). People also love to have it with crushed papad that makes it more delicious. If you are a foodie, then you should try it with other things as well.

2. Dosa

Dosa is everyone's favorite, and it is a dish that is loved not only in South India but in the entire country. The authentic south Indian dosa is unmatchable with any other dish. To try some authentic dosa, use an online store as Uber eats. They even offer deals like Uber Eats coupon to save on your order. A crispier, thin, and properly stuffed dosa can make your day.

3. Fish Molee

This dish is also from Kerala, and its taste is loved in all other states of India. It looks like a fish curry but does not get confused; it is way better than that. The dish is best served with appam (It is a fermented rice pancake type dish). The fish molee requires various ingredients like coconut milk and dry fish.

4. Vada and Sambar

This is one of the most famous south Indian dishes and has medu vada with lentil-based soup. It is one of the best south Indian breakfasts you can try. The taste of sambar makes it more delicious with precisely chopped onions. You can also add some coconut chutney for a better taste.

5. Kerala Prawn Curry

The dish is also known as Chemmeen curry that is a spicy shrimp curry. It is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala. The roasted coconut, coriander seeds, red chilies, garlic, and shallots make it tastier than other dishes. If you are searching for something ideal for your dinner, then nothing can be better than this. It is better served with idli, bread, appam, and rice.

6. South Indian Biryani

Biryani is a quite popular dish in various regions of India. But if you want to try biryani with a unique taste, then you should try south Indian biryani. The rice is mixed with various species, veggies, and meat. You should try it with raita (it is a type of yogurt mixed with species) for a better taste.

7. Payasam

Payasam is commonly known as kheer in north India. It is a pudding made by boiling milk, sugar, and often rice. It can be made with rice, broken wheat, millet, tapioca, and vermicelli. Payasam is one of the best desserts to try, as it is topped with various dry fruits. Especially in summer, the cold payasam can be the best drinks in summers.

8. Uttapam

Uttapam looks and tastes a bit similar to the dosa, but the difference is, it is quite thicker and has toppings. The dish is also prepared using rice and various veggies. You can try it with sambar and coconut chutney. It is also quite good health-wise as it has vegetables and urad dal. Uttapam is one of the finest dishes that is mixed with ample spices to offer a delicious taste.

9. Upma

It is one of the most common south Indian dishes. The dish is cooked as a thick porridge from roasted semolina or coarse rice flour. It also has various veggies added in it, that depend on the taste you want veggies or not. Upma is better tasted with chopped onions, chilies, and other ingredients. It should be served hot and with peanuts.


The list has nine most loved south Indian dishes. You can try all of them by just sitting home. South Indian dishes offer a better mix of spices that tastes awesome. The best thing about some of the south dishes is that they are good with carbs and veggies. Even some of the recipes can also be used in your weight loss plan. If you are a foodie, then you should explore the whole list. Try all these dishes one by one and find which one is your favorite.