Indian FTV Hot male model Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi- an bollywood hot model, fitness model and a fashionista. He was born and brought up in Delhi, an MBA, out to achieve success in the industry. He has always dreamt of becoming a bollywood hot model and a distinguished face in the crowd. As outrageous and stunning he may look, he has a calming and a spiritual soul as he an avid practitioner of meditation. He started his career by playing with his strengths, known to be a fitness freak, he has featured in the cover page of few of the country's prestigious magazines like Men's health & Health and Nutrition. He has been the face of the international nutrition brand - British Nutrition for 2 years. Also, shot an episode for India Today for their special edition on fitness. Encompassing his fitness body with his great sense of style, Karan has been face of Big Bazaar Fashion for 2 consecutive years. Known for his macho look, he appeared in the Royal Enfield's apparels launch campaign. He has also walked the ramp for various fashion designers and been part of ad campaigns of brands like spunk, reebok online, yellow jeans, .... etc to become a bollywood hot model. Recently, he has shot the television commercial for an international car brand - Isuzu, soon to be launched in India. He has been meaning to carve his way into the industry with his acting talent. He has been a part of a lot of short movies, have had opportunities to be a part of a tv shows, he is struggling to choose a desired role to appear on the big screen which would give him a perfect break to fulfil his dreams. A down to earth personality and bollywood hot model, Karan has always believed in the saying 'once you stop learning, you start dying. He thinks that there is a lot to learn for him to cross the heaps to success. He wants to learn to be a perfectionist from Aamir, a style icon from Saif, superstar from Salman with all the humility from Bachchan Ji.

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