May 27, 2020

Invoice Management System: FreshBooks Alternative

Every small company needs an invoice management system. The problem is that companies typically manage their invoices with Microsoft Word and/or Excel. Some people even use popular invoice management system solutions such as FreshBooks. In this article we’ll discuss why you get more value with InfoFlo Pay.

Rather than just looking at price, let’s begin by looking at value because that's clearly what SMBs look at prior to choosing their invoice management system. InfoFlo Pay only costs 15 dollars a month per user and includes a free consumer portal. FreshBooks on the other hand is the only other competitor to also offer a customer portal, but their charges are based on the number of customers on their portal. InfoFlo Pay therefore is much more affordable because if you have more than 50 customers with Freeshbooks, then you are forced to upgrade.

FreshBooks, in fact, takes advantage of SMB’s. They essentially state that they understand how beneficial the customer portal is and will punish you if your business grows. So with FreshBooks, if you have more than 50 customers, you have to upgrade to have access to their portal. I believe that this is a quick blow to small businesses and no invoice management system should sell a solution with this pricing model. Rather, InfoFlo Pay which only costs $15 per user every month and includes unlimited customers on its customer portal.
It is also important to distinguish that InFoFlo Pay includes Twilio integration for sending estimates and invoices through SMS. SMS is critical nowadays, and in comparison to e-mail, has a ridiculously high open rate.

However, the main value add that SMS offers is that there isn’t an invoice management system that can guarantee 100% delivery for estimates and invoice if they are sent via email as some will eventually end up in the customers SPAM box. Well, actually, InfoFlo Pay can as it allows users to send estimates and invoices via email and/or SMS including notifications. These notifications can include late payment notifications with secure payment links sent via SMS and notifications to customers asking for estimate approval, again, with secure links directly to the estimates. All the customers need to do is click on the link shown in the SMS. This is exactly the reason why InfoFlo Pay will help you get paid faster than FreshBooks can.

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In conclusion, both systems offer estimates, invoices, projects, time logs, statements, customer portals as well as other critical features. The main focus of this article was to focus on why InfoFlo is an economical solution for invoice management. We highlighted two main points, the fact that InfoFlo Pay offers and unlimited customer portal and why the SMS feature, which is only included in InfoFlo Pay, will help SMB’s get paid faster.