Online Invoice Management Software: FreshBooks Alternative

An online invoice management software is required for any small company. The problem is that they typically use Microsoft Word and/or Excel to handle their invoices. Some smb’s do use typical solutions such as Freshbooks as their online invoice management software. We will try to address in this article whether InfoFlo Pay provides you more value for your buck.

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Instead of only evaluating price, let’s start with value added benefits as it is clearly what SMBs are looking for when choosing their online invoice management software. InfoFlo Pay is only $15 per customer per month and provides an unlimited customer portal with white labeling so that you can add your logo and colors. FreshBooks however, is the only other online invoice management software that still offers a customer portal but with one major caveat. Their pricing model depends on the amount of clients on the customer portal. Consequently, InfoFlo Pay is more affordable as with Freeshbooks you are forced to upgrade if you have more than 50 clients.This kind of seems unfair and gives the impressions that you are being punished if your business grows.

Apparently, FreshBooks is taking advantage of SMBs. They essentially agree that a customer portal is useful and will punish you if your business grows because if you have more than 50 clients on the customer portal, then you need to upgrade. Let’s say you don’t upgrade, then what? You are forced to remove some of your 50 customers and always calculate in your head how many active customers you have remaining in your portal. This is not a way to sell licences. In my opinion, this is a quick blow for small companies, and an online invoice management software should not offer this type of business model. Alternatively, InfoFlo Pay costs only $15 a month, which includes an unlimited customer portal.

In addition, InFoFlo Pay includes Twilio integration for sending estimates and invoices via SMS. It is also important to note that SMS is now crucial and has a ridiculously high open rate compared to emails. The key added value, however, is that there is no online invoice management software that can guarantee 100% for sending estimates and invoices when using email as several of them wind up in the SPAM box. For this reason, InfoFlo Pay can send estimates and invoices through email and/or SMS, with notifications included. These notifications can be for late payment and reminders. The customer only needs to click on the link from their phone and they are automatically logged into the customer portal. From there the customer can accept the estimate or pay their invoice, just like with emails. This is why InfoFlo Pay will help you get paid faster with a 100% guarantee that your estimates and invoices will be sent.

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To sum up, both online invoice management software solutions provide estimates, invoices, projects, time logs, statements and other main features. This paper concentrated primarily on why InfoFlo Pay is an efficient online invoice management solution at an affordable price. We have underlined two main points: the reason that InfoFlo Pay offers an unlimited customer portal and why it is rendered easier for SMB to be paid faster via SMS, which is only provided in InfoFlo Pay.