Invoice Management Software: FreshBooks Alternative

Every small firm wants an invoice management software solution to manage all invoices. The problem is that companies typically use Microsoft Word and/or Excel to manage their invoices for financial reasons. Several people may even use common solutions like FreshBooks. We'll claim in this essay that InfoFlo Pay is better.

Let's begin with price first and foremost. I choose the value instead, because this is clearly what small medium-sized companies are looking at before they choose their option. InfoFlo Pay only charges $15 per user per month and includes a free app for consumers. The only other competitor who has a client portal is FreshBooks, but charges are based on the number of clients on your portal rather than per use. If you have more than 50 clients using FreshBooks, then InfoFlo Pay is much more affordable.

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In fact, FreshBooks mainly benefits the small business owner and reduces the value of its customer portal at the same time. Basically, they say that they understand the value of the customer portal and will offer it. However, if you have more than 50 clients, you need to upgrade if you want your existing clients to have access to this essential tool. I believe this is a quick slap to small enterprises and no invoice management software should sell such a price model solution. InfoFlo Pay is more likely to cost $15 per user per month and includes an unlimited number of customers in its customer portal.

The fact that InFoFlo Pay includes Twilio integrations to send estimates and invoices via SMS also differentiates importantly. SMS is now critical and has a ridiculously high open rate in comparison with e-mail. But even because SMS are so critical is not the principal reason. The main reason is that InfoFlo Pay and Freshbooks both email estimates and bills; however, no billing management software or any company can ensure that the email doesn't appear in the SPAM box for the customers. In fact, InfoFlo Pay may include invoices for estimates, e-mail and SMS features. In addition, InfoFlo Pay includes email and SMS estimates and invoice notifications to accept estimates using SMS, and late invoices can also be paid via SMS. This is a little reason why InfoFlo Pay is going to help you get paid faster and faster than FreshBooks in this case.

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Both systems include estimates, invoices, projects, time logs, statements, customer portal, and other critical features from InfoFlo Pay and from Fresbhooks. The main focus of this article was on why InfoFlo pay is an affordable invoice management software solution, and how it is critical for small medium companies to get paid faster for the SMS feature only included in InfoFlo Pay. sing price because obviously this is what small medium businesses look at before even selecting their choice. So InfoFlo Pay costs $15/user/month and that includes a free customer portal. The only other competitor that includes a customer portal is FreshBooks, but rather than charge per use, they charge based on the number of customers on your portal. So if you are using FreshBooks, and you have more than 50 customers, then InfoFlo Pay has already become much more affordable.