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Developers knowingly say that Ingress Prime is an update. The fact is that users of the old game will only need to update the application. Hankey, however, assures that users will receive a “completely rewritten client” with an updated storyline that will generally tell the same story, but in a new way. Common features will be familiar.

Ingress is a multiplayer online augmented reality game created by Niantic Labs on Google for Android and iOS. Ingress turns surrounding streets, houses and monuments into decorations for a planetary-scale game. The player will have to travel with his mobile devices to the sights of the real world and hack portals.

Imagine a picture: you are walking around the city and in a crowd of people you notice a person who is constantly looking at the smartphone. By accidentally glancing over his shoulder, you pay attention to the fact that the display displays an incomprehensible radar, blue and green lines on it, a scattering of gray dots. And the oddities don't end there. A person can stop abruptly, suddenly change direction or begin to actively move his finger across the screen. After that, just as suddenly, he calms down and continues to go his own way. Do not be scared or surprised - in front of you with a high probability is a player in Ingress.

Ingress augmented reality multiplayer game was launched in November 2012 and was originally created only for Android devices. As the popularity grows, the creators also added a version for iOs. Three years later, in 2015, developers registered more than 7 million players.
The legend of the game is this: with the help of the Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs boson and completely new exotic matter were discovered. As a result of this, portals began to appear around the world that accumulate this energy. They were discovered quite easily - portals appear only in places where city attractions are located. To find them, the research team created a special scanner. That is what the smartphone screen with the running application represents.