January 31, 2020

Poses To Reduce The Back Pain

From amongst the multiple benefits of Yoga, reduction of lower back pain through it holds great importance. Yes, you can practice some Yoga poses to actually reduce your backache and problems related to it. The lumbar region or the lower back portion holds maximum sensitivity at a point in everyone’s life. By taking the Yoga Teacher Training, you can learn about the poses that can aid you in dealing with the issues of back pain. The lifestyles currently include sitting for long hours which in turn leads to severe lower back injuries and pain. Through Yoga Teacher Training you can get the hold of the poses that will cut down the pain so here are few poses that help in resolving the lower back problems.

The Sphinx Pose

A great pose to stimulate the sacral-lumbar arch and also in the toning of the spine, sphinx pose is a boon in reducing the back pain. When in a Yoga Teacher Training, you will get to learn how sitting for long hours tends to flatten the lower back region causing severe pain, and sphinx pose promotes the natural curvature of your body.

The Downward Facing Dog Pose

If you want to lengthen and decompress your spine then, nothing is better than practicing a downward-facing dog pose. While performing this pose, your hamstrings are stretched as well which will help you in getting relief from many back-related problems.

The Supine Twist

It happens that when in the situation of THE back, some twists and turns do provide relief. And, not just the spine, but twisting can also help in freeing the neck muscles that tend to give you cramps. In a Yoga Teacher Training, while practicing Supine Twist to get to lie down, relax, and gravity helps you by releasing the entire tension with a twist.

Thread the Needle Pose

The body needs to have a fuller range of motion in order to reduce the back pain which is possible only when the hips and hamstrings are free. The thread the needle pose will help you a lot in stretching the lower back, spine, outer thighs, and hips. If you have been to a Yoga Teacher Training, you would know the Pigeon Pose; this pose is an extension of it.

Join the Yoga Teacher Training at Inner Yoga to learn how the different Yoga poses help you in recovering from various lower back injuries and severe back pain as well. In the Yoga Teacher Training, you will get to know the technicalities and comprehensiveness of a pose by the trained faculties. Yoga Teacher Training will let you know how you can recover from the various pains and injuries.

SOURCE:- https://www.inneryogatraining.com/poses-to-reduce-the-back-pain/