July 28, 2020

Forensic Technologies and Services Market | Current Stats and Future Trends 2020-2030

In recent years, advanced technologies in forensics science is of considerable importance. Some instances of such technological advancements include improved fingerprint recovery from metal objects such as gun cartridges as well as varied metal ammunition, task of chemistry to recognize the chemical as well as biological weapons, and incorporation of a variety of technologies that can improve the discovery of diverse drugs and explosives materials at security checkpoints. The other such advancements in human crimes include portable DNA profiling technology used at crime scenes, that offers high accuracy in predicting the age of an individual linked to crime, and scanner developments.

These rampant technological innovations have aided the market with limited costs in practical applications that augment the affordability of forensic applications in several fields and thus, increase their penetration of market. The large scale use of DNA profiling and other fingerprint techniques have demonstrated high visibility to forensic testing. Annually, The U.S. occupies the top spot with several crimes happening in the region. This has resulted in a rise in the number of forensic laboratories situated in the U.S. which perfume forensic research has grown from 490 in the year 2000 to over 550 in 2010. The annual aggregate budget of such labs that are publicly funded forensic crime labs comes to about 0 million. These laboratories investigate hundreds of thousands of samples in an year.

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In recent years, various technological advancements in forensics are of significant importance. The major examples of these advancements include better fingerprint recovery from metals, such as gun cartridges, usage of the chemistry of color in order to find out chemical as well as biological weapons, and sensing techniques that are improving the drugs as well as explosives detection at security checkpoints. The other advancements include portable DNA profiling techniques utilized at crime scenes, higher accuracy in determining the age at victims death, and scanning developments.

Though the forensic analyses and related products market is smaller than the market for varied biotechnological as well as pharmaceutical products, crime laboratory analyses provide vital function and the forensics sector will increase significantly in the future period. Technological advancements linked to forensics, such as enhanced fingerprints extraction from metals as in fragments and gun cartridges, portable usage of color chemistry in detection of biological as well as chemical weapons, DNA-profiling techniques, and sensing techniques, which are intended at improving identification of explosives as well as drugs at several security checkpoints, among others, played their role in escalating the market prospects for forensic technologies and services over the future years. Owing to the emergence of internet into a ever-present communication vehicle, and transfer as well as storage of sensitive data, there has been an upsurge in internet related crimes, and abuse of corporate and government information assets.

Factor driving the growth for forensic technologies and services market is the growing importance of DNA testing. Also, the rise in crime clearance rate has been directly recognized to the successful use of DNA technology. Forensic DNA diagnostics products and testing/analysis services are anticipated to obtain benefit from several government and federal level funding measures taken to improve the infrastructure of aging crime lab. The government’s special hub on increasing the usage of DNA technology for advancing the cause of justice will help to derive profit in this space.

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The major players included in the report are Agilent Technologies, Inc., Creative Forensic Services, eDirect Impact, LLC, Capsicum Group LLC, Computer Forensic, Inc, Illumina, Inc, and BAE Systems plc.