July 29, 2020

Custom Java Development Services

Integrio's History, Expertise, and Why the Most Powerful Software for Your Business is Made with Java

Over the years, we’ve developed hundreds of projects, involving literally all types of Java applications. From simple e-commerce websites to custom applications for big enterprises and sophisticated network services. From J2ME embedded systems, Java applets, and desktop applications, to advanced multi-tiered platforms that are distributed across the globe, developed using enterprise editions of Java.

Although we have garnered a reputation for versatility, our typical projects are web-based applications. These types of projects might include an online billing platform, CMS, or an ERP that is using Java as a server-side backend. Since the early 2000s, when Java was a project of Sun Microsystems, our company has consistently been a member of Sun’s ISV Partner Program in Java.

We are confident that our expertise in Java is among the top 1% of all software companies worldwide. Throughout the years we have had the pleasure to work on Java based projects with stellar clients, such as Nokia, Air Canada, PlusGSM, Constellation Software, government entities of various countries, and so many more. Source code that we have developed has been third-party reviewed on multiple occasions, successfully passing both code audits during start-up acquisitions, and security audit and reviews when working for bigger organizations.

We have a large team of highly skilled developers ready to begin your project today. When you build your project with us, you’re building a relationship with our entire team. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your application, your dedicated developer or a team always has the backing and access to the expertise of everyone in our java software development company, ensuring that even the most challenging parts of the project are completed quickly and efficiently. You’re not just building a project; you’re building a partnership.