June 11, 2021

YouTube Content Creator

About company:

SoundCampaign is a platform that helps artists from any part of the globe by getting their music on curator’s playlists while allowing curators to gain enjoyable
rewards as they explore new music.

We’re seeking a YouTube Content Creator to join our vibrant Creative Team SoundCampaign!


  • A passionate YouTuber that urges people to smash that subscribe button
  • Mother tongue English speaker with excellent communication skills
  • Proficient with editing video content, photography and design software
  • A one man show video creation powerhouse

Industry: Marketing & Advertising Music Entertainment

Project and objectives:

  • Create compelling and engaging content for our YouTube channel
  • Communicate directly with our users on YouTube
  • Initiate and execute content strategies according to influencers, audience research, and latest trends.
  • Define, analyze, and communicate milestones and metrics to enable vertical success
  • Strengthen our YouTube creators community and engage with users on a daily basis
  • Collaborate with industry Influencers across YouTube

Career Opportunities :

  • Present our company on our brand YouTube channel!
  • The opportunity to become an Influencer!
  • Collaboration with other influencers acroos the entertainment industry!
  • To upload your marketing and personal branding skills!

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