February 3, 2020

About me

 Hello! My name is Irina, I am 28 years old now. And I love travel very much. Usually we address our friends https://www.atlantravel.ru/ (they became friends during cooperation). To be able to share it with you, I created a site. Keep an eye on me. Buddy, I really hope this article will make you think about the chance of traveling. Think about where you would like to proceed, call theBut as soon as I started to travel the world, I realized that this is not accurate and that folks are almost the same all around the world. I'd estimate that 97 percent of people are great, but 3% of bad folks get all the media attention.  It is hard to travel, to really interact with other cultures without even learning anything new. I like the days when I travel, and I just say . "YesI didn't know that or yes, I thought about it." When I'm traveling, I find out how other individuals live. While I see other civilizations, I can adopt new excellent habits, and I start to appreciate my culture more, which I didn't previously consider special and distinctive.