June 16, 2020



A terrible accident occurred in Middleton street last month, so a police officer should give a report to his boss about it:

“On March of 12th a “Zoomie” market was shoplifted in the night at about 8p.m. A thief was with a weapon in his hands, he broke into the market and first of all went to the cash desk. Then this man with terrifying voice shouted that everyone should slowly lie on the floor and don’t move. There was about 10 people and all of them was in the different parts of the market, so it was really good, because thereby one of the clients could make a call to the police. Thief started to menace a woman, who was in charge of the cash desk. He demanded all the money from her and of course she, being frightened, couldn’t resist and gave him what he wanted. Fortunately, we came on time, so firstly I made a warning shot, due to the fact that thief took one of the customer hostage. Eventually, after a long effort thief decided to give up. After while I took recordings from surveillance cameras, as evidence of this accident. During interrogation thief admitted that he wanted to steal some money, because he owned one gangster about 2000$”.

After all necessary procedures have been completed, the case was sent to court.

2. Most people could not go to work in quarantine period and stayed at home due to the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic.

What problems lockdown may arise, and how can these problems be tackled?

In 2020 the world faced an unexpected problem – Coronavirus. In connection with this the government of many countries has established restrictive measures such as self-isolation. This essay will discuss the main problems associated with sequestration and propose possible solutions to avoid them.

The first and the most visible problem of not going to work is that people cannot earn money, what leads to serious consequences such as unemployment and poverty. In many countries a large number of families were left without money, so they are on the brink of survival. The second but not least issue is that due to the quarantine most family members are staying with each other for too long, what causes a big problem like domestic violence. For instance, in Russia the number of cases of domestic violence increased in 2,5 times, in Kyrgyzstan this index grew up to 62%.

The best solution to these problems is to raise awareness of the government, because it should provide citizens with the conditions for online working and to fight with frost it is necessary to create new workplaces. Concerning the second issue, to tilt against domestic violence government first of all should set harsh punishments for rapists. Another thing that should be made is to provide free psychological assistance to those in need and to organize single helpline, where could the victims call and get quick help.

To conclude, lockdown caused some problems like poverty and domestic violence, so to solve them government should provide comprehensive assistance to needy citizens.