December 30, 2020

Latest CPR updates by American Heart Asociation-2020

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency measure taken when someone encounters a sudden cardiac pulmonary arrest. This cardio pulmonary arrest can be in hospital and it is seen that out of the hospital cases have lead to maximum number of deaths in the United States. Knowledge of CPR can be life saving in most of the cardiac arrest cases. It involves actions like continuous chest compression and periodic artificial ventilation to ensure an uninterrupted supply of blood and oxygen to the vital organs of the person who has encountered a cardiac pulmonary arrest.

The American Heart association (AHA) has recently updated their guidelines for Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR. The initial guidelines for emergency cardio vascular care and Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation were framed by one of the division of the National Academy of Sciences- National Research Council which was a dedicated CPR committee in 1969. There were numerous requests from different organization for standardized protocols regarding the CPR procedure and its training program. Now these guidelines are, reviewed, updated and published by AHA after every five years since 1969. The CPR Highland CA training programs have also updated their course structure according to the latest AHA guidelines.

During the last CPR guidelines review which happened in 2015, the update procedure was changed into an online format. This format was based on regular evidences and evaluation procedure instead of a fixed periodic review. This ensured that there was a continuous updated incorporating the latest science and techniques of CPR.  Whenever anything new was found which had a great clinical significance, it was added to the guidelines. The main objective of this online format idea was to increase the chances of quick changes which were the need of that hour. This type of format and quick guideline updates is in line with the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. This has been adopted by all the CPR Classes Highland CA, other cities and states. The updates in the latest CPR guidelines include multilevel evidences and responses.

Over more than 5 decades of after the AHA guidelines were published, the country has seen maximum deaths due to cardiac arrest. The AHA has also published the update of “Heart disease and Stroke Stats” along with the CPR guideline updates of 2020. The estimate number of out-of-hospital cases of cardiac arrest every year in the United States is 347,000 in adults and 7000 children who are aged below 18 years. Also 1% of 7000 infants also require intensive CPR methods for restoring their cardio pulmonary function. This is the reason the CPR Certification Highland CAis now being given utmost importance so that more and more people can learn the CPR techniques and save lives of people around in case of cardiac pulmonary arrest.

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The First Aid Certification Highland CA is also gaining popularity and CPR is termed as the most important because maximum number of deaths occurs due to cardiac pulmonary arrest. A proper knowledge of CPR techniques will enable the person to handle such critical situation and save a life.