Ivacy VPN 5-Year Plan On Sale (Christmas)

Ivacy is a VPN services provider located in Singapore.

Being based in Singapore is a huge advantage because the users are pretty much guaranteed the privacy they so desperately want.

We also have a thorough Privacy Policy.

On top of that, Ivacy VPN boasts a wide variety of features unmatched even by the giants in the VPN business. Users get to get the most out of unlimited server switching, unlimited data transfer, dedicated apps for each device, split tunneling, and smart connect.

What's more, Ivacy offers an incredible network of more than 2000 servers in more than a hundred locations over the world. Plus, users can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and with a router, that number essentially becomes infinite.

Ivacy has always been proud to serve privacy-conscious people and that's also why Ivacy has subsidized all of its major VPN plans. That's also why we offer such a huge discount on the Holiday season.

Here are some of Ivacy’s VPN plans for Christmas 2020.

Ivacy 5-year Plan (AKA Lifetime Plan)

Our biggest offer to date. Ivacy is offering a huge 90% Discount on the Ivacy 5-Year Plan.

The new price allows users to get

Hurry because this Ivacy Holiday and Christmas 2020 deal is only available for a fraction of time.

Ivacy 2-year Plan

Ivacy also has a staggering 2-year offer. Get 80% off on the Ivacy 2-year plan and pay a measly $1.99 a month!

For this Ivacy Christmas VPN offer, you will be billed $48 once and sail through the next 2-years wholly protected.

80% off means you will not be charged $239; instead, you will pay $48 only! Isn’t that amazing!

Also, do not slack off on this deal. It is sweet and brief, so, grab it before it goes away, never to return!

Ivacy 1-year Plan

Ivacy is not done yet. There is also an Ivacy Holiday 1-year offer.

Enjoy 66% off on the Ivacy 1-year pricing plan. With 66% off, you will pay $3.33 a month for a whole year!

This incredible Ivacy Christmas 2020 VPN deal means you will be billed once at $40 for the entire year instead of the usual $120 a year!

These are all the Ivacy Holiday 2020 VPN Deals on offer. We are confident that you will find an offer that works for your budget.

If this is your first time hearing of Ivacy. No fretting. We love Ivacy VPN, and we want you to understand precisely what they have to offer. So, here are Ivacy VPN’s best features.