Binance Sign Up (a 20% fee reduction). Instruction.

Registration on the Binance exchange is quite simple. It takes just a couple of minutes.

You should note that a 20% fee reduction (a kickback) is granted only to accounts registered via our link and or with our referral id. Therefore be sure to use our link to go to Binance and pay due attention to step 2 of this instruction. All the steps are illustrated by screenshots.

Step 1. Before you start.

Note: Go to the official website of the exchange via our link containing the built-in referral link. It provides you with the highest discount for commission fees on Binance available under the Kickback system.

Step 2. Fill in the registration form

Register on Binance
  • Register your e-mail.
  • Create a password for the new account.
  • It has to be secure since it will protect your assets on the exchange. It can’t be less than 8 letters and must include upper case letters and numbers.
  • To get a 20% kickback, make sure that the field Referral ID (Optional) reads ZRYIGVYU. Under the field, it should say “Your commission kickback rate: 20%”
  • Check the box, confirm that you agree to the Binance Terms of Use.
  • Click on Create account


CAPTCHA on Binance

After the submission of the form, the system will ask you to take an anti-spam CAPTCHA test. It is not standard on Binance.

A random picture appears on the screen (usually, it’s a logo of a cryptocurrency listed on Binance). There is a slider under the picture. It controls a puzzle piece. You have to move it horizontally to fit the void on the picture carefully.

If you fail the test, the picture refreshes and you will have to try again.

Step 4. E-mail verification

A few seconds after the registration, a verification letter is sent to the email set in step 2. There is a Verify Email button in the letter. Click it and wait until the e-mail is verified.

The registration is done!

Additional steps

2-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (or just 2FA) is an additional way to protect your account from theft. It is a method implying not only a password but also a numeric code generated on another device (usually, a phone via SMS or a special application).

Enabling a 2FA is optional for trading on Binance. But to increase the security, we highly recommend turning it on before making a deposit.

There are two types of 2FA, namely SMS or Google Authenticator. The SMS option is only available to Chinese citizens, though. Google Authenticator is a secure option as SMS, but it has to be set up beforehand.


Know Your Customer (KYC) is indispensable in the world of classic finance. Under KYC, to prevent money laundering and tax evasion, banks and exchanges must demand information regarding identities of their customers, sources of funds, and so on.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have not yet been regulated to this extent. Therefore, many of them enable their customers to operate with no documents proving their identities.

Although, when it comes to a great deal of money, even cryptocurrency exchanges want to know who are they dealing with. That is why if you want to withdraw more than 2 BTC a day, which is a limit for unverified users, you’ll have to disclose your identity.

Step 5. Making a deposit.

At the stage, you should deposit an initial capital to your Binance account.

Note that each separate cryptocurrency listed on Binance is stored on a dedicated wallet. You can deposit and withdraw in any of these cryptocurrencies.

The main thing is to be careful not to mix up and make sure that the currency of your deposit match with the currency of the wallet you’re aiming at (BTC to BTC wallet; ETH to ETH wallet; NEO to NEO wallet and so on). Otherwise, it may result in an irretrievable loss of the assets.

Step 6. Cryptocurrency trading on Binance.

Once your account is topped up, you can start trading.

Contrary to the general perception that exchanges are an extremely complex financial instrument, it is quite simple and convenient to trade on Binance. It’s more important to give careful considerations to what and when should you buy and sell, and, of course, to make sure that orders are accurate before confirming them.

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