May 8, 2020

Understanding the Concept of IoT in Wastewater Treatment and Management

A wastewater treatment system removes contaminants from used water. It removes toxic and harmful waste from the water before it is returned to a water body. This reduces the chances of water pollution and ensures minimal environmental impact caused due to harmful waste. This water can also be reused for general and industrial purposes.

Implementation of IoT in the water treatment and management systems allow authorities to track the composition of water and establish EAM CMMS systems. Both of these systems along with IoT allow the accumulation of performance and operation related data of the whole treatment plant. This data can be used by the authorities to make informed decisions while optimizing the overall operations of the plant.

IoT in wastewater management can be used to calculate residual chemicals after the treatment. This data can be further used to calculate the efficiency of the treatment process and ensure that water quality standards are met before it is discharged in a water body.