Monitor, and Manage Cargo with IoT Driven Freight Tracking Solutions

Cargo monitoring solutions enabled the development of systems powered by the Internet of Things technology that allows fleet and logistics managers to supervise the goods being transported. Parameters like temperature, humidity, weight, and luminosity can be monitored from goods carrying containers, vessels, or trailers no matter if they are transported via road, rail, ocean routes, or airways. The shipment monitoring systems creates visibility into the movement of goods and help cargo handlers to optimize their supply chain.

We at Biz4Intellia bring forth a comprehensive end to end IoT solution to monitor cargo while it is shipped from one location to another. Sensors voyage along with cargo and transmit data related to location, temperature, weight, etc. via reefer container temperature monitoring and other similar systems to our cloud-based IoT dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed through both the mobile app and web platform to ensure effective and temperature-controlled transport.