December 9, 2019

How to use a microwave to save her life for a long time

Home microwave oven repair is a popular service provided by different companies. Compared to contacting a regular service center, you get the obvious benefits:

Save time.

There is no need to adjust to the schedule of the company, because the master will come at a convenient time for you.

Efficiency. In the vast majority of cases, the cause of the fault is eliminated in a matter of hours directly at your home.

Save money.

To find out how much microwave repair costs.

- just give us a call and make sure it's available. Additionally, you do not need to spend on transporting a broken microwave to the workshop and back at the end of repair.


You are present during the repair work, which eliminates the deception on the part of the master (the inclusion in the account of additional components that were allegedly replaced).

Calling a master at home is a guarantee of a quick and quality repair of your microwave oven.

In rapidly developing age, there is a continuous emergence of new systems and technologies designed to serve man for his comfortable life. Manufacturers of modern appliances try to maximize their productivity and service life. But there is always a time when you have to make a choice: either to repair or change the equipment to a newer and more modern one.

If you find a malfunction in the home appliance, have it checked and repaired by a professional. After all, the right approach to eliminate the cause of the fault will help to protect your equipment from the recurrence of such a situation and prolong its life.

Pay less than private individuals: it is much more advantageous to call a service center employee. The reason - the parts are ordered in bulk, you do not overpay for them, while third-party masters will go for details in a regular shop. You will have to pay 20-30% of the seller's surcharge for them;

If you have difficulties, you can resort 24happliancerepair: specialist do the microwave oven repair so that you no longer have to go to the SC with the same problem. In the device put branded parts. They are similar to the factory ones and serve a long time;

Protect Yourself From Real Threats: By calling a person on a leaflet from the porch, the customer runs the risk of encountering anyone. The master from the street could serve a term earlier. He has corresponding friends, whom he tells in the evening for a bottle of hot, in what a rich apartment he worked today. And here already near the house there is a suspicious person in an inconspicuous jacket, waiting, when the owner of the apartment will leave for work. Protect yourself from this.

The built-in microwave screen reliably protects people from electromagnetic waves. But the technique is safe, only while it is working. Even small damages can increase the level of radiation in the home several times.

To avoid this, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and consult a specialist for any malfunctions.

Urgent repairs are required if:

-the microwave does not heat,

-during operation, sparks and smoke appear, odor is heard, a hum or crackle is heard,

-the mode cannot be selected - the control panel does not respond to commands,

-the instrument does not switch on or off on its own.

If the microwave oven sparkles, smokes, and smells of burnt rubber, immediately disconnect it from the mains and consult a specialist. Do not attempt to disassemble the equipment: self-repairing microwaves often causes injuries and burns.

Was the glass rotating plate broken or the light inside the microwave oven burned out? Complex repair in such cases is not required. It is easy to order replacement lamps and plates in company. Specialist will promptly bring new original spare parts of the necessary brand. For approximate prices for microwave parts, please see the website, check the cost and delivery times with the sales department.