December 6, 2019

Bet365: operator information

Bet365 is one of the most popular bookies in the world. Here is some information on the online bookmaker.

Why register with Bet365? Analysis and opinions

One of the factors that intrigues most bettors, from the newest to the experts, is the possibility of discovering and taking advantage of Bet365 betting offers. His schedule features more than 30 sports to play on. So what drives users to register?

Undoubtedly, the passion for sport could be a valid reason to register and open an account with Bet365. In addition to the home featuring the major international sporting events, there is the Live, Poker section to discover. You can learn more about Bet365 by visiting and reading their review on the operator.

Common types of betting bonuses

Here are the most common types of betting bonuses that the editors wanted to group into macro areas by looking around the web among the various betting sites. Not all operators offer welcome bonuses. In this paragraph that follows, we have however wanted to inform users about the various types of promotions around the web on the various online betting sites.

Repayment on losses or cashback

This type of offer proposed on the web, otherwise called Cashback, allows you to receive a refund on losses up to a maximum set by the bookmaker which can be in percentage or fixed. Generally it is a type of offer that is suitable for less experienced bettors, who can thus play with the awareness of reimbursement in the event of a non-winning bet. Many times, "loss" means the net loss, or the difference between the sum of losing bets and the sum of bets won.

In any case, each operator defines the terms and conditions of the various bonuses and it is therefore advisable to carefully read the specifications on the bookmaker's website. An example of a cashback bonus could be formulated as follows: 25% losses up to € 250. The player has accumulated € 500 winnings and a total loss of € 900. The bonus is equal, in our example, to 25% of net losses (€ 900 - € 500 = € 400) so it will be equal to 25% of € 400, or € 100 and respects the terms and conditions set by the operator .

Reimbursement on first bet

Another type of betting bonus found in our survey is the first bet reimbursement. The bookmaker could provide a welcome bonus for the first bet made. In some cases, the "prize" assigned is of the percentage type on the first bet (usually from 50% to 100%) up to a ceiling set by the bookmaker. Other times the reimbursement is not linked to the fact that the bet is a loser, so the terms and conditions could relate to the amount of the first bet, if it is made within a time limit from the registration, if a specific payment method is used and so on.

The Bet365 schedule

Tennis, cycling, volleyball, football ... whatever your favorite sport, at Bet365 you have huge chances to find it. The BET365 programming has various types of sports: from the most popular to the most niche ones like darts, surfing, Gaelic sports and table tennis.

Bet365 Mobile App

The recognized gaming platform offers the possibility to bet and play comfortably from a mobile device, at any time and on the move. The mobile app is available on different operating systems . Supported systems and the app vary by country.

On the Bet365 mobile app you can access your gaming account and take advantage of all the mobile service offers. The app can be downloaded from IOs and Android and comes with a simple graphic and interface. In addition to the classic pre-match bets, there are real-time events. You can enjoy the Live Match option. This will give the opportunity to follow the salient actions live thanks to optimized graphics and text.

Furthermore, for users who own iOS or Android devices, there is also a Direct TV option for major sporting events. Please note that the Direct TV option is not present in all countries and to access it you will need to have an active balance on your account or have made a bet in the last 24 hours.