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  Hello!   We will show you how you can work with the calculation leads to OWOX BI Smart Date.The main way of determining the target market in modern marketing is segmentation. Segmentation is the division of clients into groups according to specified parameters. Why section an audience?Primarily, to understand who your customer is, what his needs are, and according to this, properly position the provider. Secondly, in order to build unique mechanisms of interaction with every one of the consumers, to increase the conversion from supply to buy and general customer loyalty.The OWOX staff WOULD fully take care of all aspects of advertising, such as information collection, reporting and analysis. We assist you to personalize OWOX BI products to suit your specific business goals and processes. We conduct online meetings to teach your workers on which products help you solve your issues, the way to personalize and use products, and the way to use the results. We help you determine the steps in your client's buy sequence when establishing your attribution version. It's generally accepted that the important objective of marketing is to attract and keep clients. And the most important question that most advertising specialists face isn't what tool ought to be chosen, but the way to ascertain the needs of consumers and segment customers correctly so they can provide them that they cannot refuse. I'm Jarrod Martinez, I'm 38 years old. Engaged in marketing at https://www.owox.com/. Should you offer the customer something that's possibly interesting to him, then his loyalty to the new and company increases, regardless of whether he made a purchase on this offer or not. As stated by Website builder, 44% of people who receive targeted mails made at least one purchase on the offers they included. Through the study, 52% of the entrepreneurs surveyed stated it had been necessary to segment the database in e mail newsletters, as person offers bring 18 times more revenue than broadcasting ones.