August 1, 2020

XJ Control Arms

Please make sure as well as look into our control arm decline packages. They are a premium system to just changing out the control arms and are the very best system for lifts taller lifts. Our XJ control arms are a superb addition to the control arm decrease system though, or can be used on their own for those that just want the simpleness of some new arms.
To find out more on our exceptional Control arm sets ... Keep reading!
Control arms serve the purpose of helping to attain appropriate positioning specifications and axle placement when a Jeep is lifted. Not really obligatory up until you get over 6" of lift, some individuals still do quite favor control arms for lifts at or over 3".
Every suspension business on earth provides control arms. So ... what sets ours besides everyone else? Cost, design, as well as assurance.
XJ Control Arms Assurance
Our XJ control arms have a lifetime assurance never to bend or dent. If they do, send it back and we will certainly change the arm for you. As a result of the very heavy duty DOM tubes we make use of on our arms however, this has never ever and also will never ever occur ... ever. More powerful control arms. you will certainly not locate. Comparable stamina, you may discover ... yet not with a life time warranty. Check out here.
Exactly How our XJ Control Arms are Engineered
Design ... note an essential style attribute on our control arms you don't see on several others. We form every one of our control arms for additional clearance to the installing pocket on the axle. This corrective angle is a far better layout than the straight control arms you find most other locations. Straight arms are cheaper to produce for sure which is why the competition keeps them straight. Problem is, they do not pass that savings on to you. So you are paying for cheaply crafted straight control arms, however without the price break. We engineer ours with the shape bend, gusseted strengthening, and also with a still reduced cost.
Why We Can Cost our XJ Control Arms so Low
Rate ... contrast. Since we are the producer and also not just a dealership reselling parts, you have actually gotten rid of at the very least one, if not greater than one center guy. So while our prices are the best, this doesn't mean your are not getting the very best for your money. You have actually simply revealed you're clever sufficient to buy supplier straight instead of paying-up a string of wholesale middle-men. At Rocky Road, the best can, and also does, expense much less. And also buying producer straight, shows you are an intelligent Jeeper.
Rocky Roadway recognizes that various Jeepers have various demands and often more importantly, various spending plan constraints ... which is why we offer several various control arm sets. We have sets to fit any kind of Jeep, and also any Jeeper's spending plan. Look into our selections below. If you have any questions on any one of our sets, please do not hesitate to email us or utilize our on the internet conversation solution throughout our routine organisation hours. Read more here.
Taken Care Of XJ Control Arms
The most affordable kit as well as really the most usual you will certainly see out as well as about on roadway and also path. An excellent kit for Jeepers who desire a brand-new control arms system at the most effective cost. The packages use greasable bushings at each end. These kits function great for Jeeps with 3-5" of lift. Or if you have our Control Arm Drop system, perfect for lifts in the 6-9" lift array. For a lot of Jeeps in this lift variety, dealt with reduced control arms are the most popular choice.
Flexible XJ Control Arms
These wonderful packages give a little more versatility for the Jeeper who intends to set their own pinion angles as well as alignment. Exact same great guarantee as all our control arms. These sets can be made use of with the very same lift specifications as noted i the Fixed Control Arms over. Also best for those who may intend to add a bit even more lift later on. One control arm to fit the entire variety. While lower control arms are most typical package for lifts to 4.5", upper control arms assist move the axles fore and also aft which creates even more area for far better fitting of extra-large tires. Upper as well as reduced flexible control arms are a good selection for lots of Jeepers running 35" as well as bigger tires because of this.
Luxurious - Adjustable Control Arms with Johnny Joints
These packages use the supreme versatility, resilience, as well as stamina of the renowned Johnny Joint. Adjustable to fit Jeeps lifted from 3-7". These kits will give you with the risk-free as well as secure highway ride you would anticipate, however likewise amazing bind-free suspension flex that you certainly would never ever anticipate. Our sets are making use of the very same Johnny Joints you discover on the alot of the most pricey control arm kits selling at $270-400 a pair! Because you are buying producer straight with Rocky Roadway however, our rates kick all various other's butts.
This system uses a set bushing on one end and also Johnny Joint lower. Why not 2 Johnny Joints? Its wasteful. You get equally as much flex with the special Joint on one end as both, you conserve some cash. In addition to that, the bushing end really helps soak up impacts much better to make the lorry trip smoother than a heim fitting (Johnny Joint) on both ends. Our Johnny Joint arms feature a SUBSTANTIAL 1 1/4" hardened great string installation. Offered with the jam nut for a positive lock on your size. Or, some guys like to have no jam nut for simply a little bit even more twist. You can rotate the jam nut back for the path. Any way you cut it, our control arms use the most effective engineering at the most effective value!
The Rocky Road Deluxe Control Arm kits use the best elements on the planet. Our customers for these are usually the well-educated Jeeper who has done their research and understands they are buying the very best packages for a much better price than anywhere else. The Jeeper that wants only the most effective with the highest possible requirements for quality and performance, as well as has a little bit even more space in their budget plan to select these over the regular adjustable control arm kits.