Delta Airlines How to Change Flight

How can I change the flight of Delta Airlines?

Delta is one of the biggest airlines in the world which covers a wide area of operation to cover numerous destinations across the globe and booked by many people every year.

Out of them, some people wish to reschedule their booking for any reason beyond their control.

Flight change process of Delta Airlines

You can change the flight of the Delta airlines by using the online resources of the airlines by employing the following process.

  • Open any web-browser and Visit the website of Delta Airlines.
  • Click on the option of My Trips located on the upper side of the homepage.
  • Enter the Confirmation/Debit/Credit/Ticket Number and the First & Last Name of the passenger.
  • Choose the booking which you want to reschedule and select Modify Flights option.
  • Click on Start Flight Change and start the booking process for the new flight.
  • Enter the details of the new Delta reservations flight process with the travel schedule.
  • Select New Flights and complete the checkout process by paying the flight difference.
  • Receive the confirmation of completing the flight change on the registered email ID.

You can also change the flight by logging into the SkyMiles account and managing the booking.

Delta Airlines Flight change process with the Fly Delta app

It is also possible for you to change the Delta Airlines flight by making use of the Fly Delta app with this process.

  • Open the Fly Delta app on the android or iOS device.
  • Go to the Menu section and tap on My Trips option.
  • Enter the confirmation number, First Name and Last Name of the passenger.
  • Tap on modify flight(s) and reschedule the existing reservation by booking a new flight.
  • Pay any flight change fee or fare difference to complete the checkout process.