July 13, 2020

My Computer keeps randomly shutting off

How can I resolve the issue of the randomly shutting off my computer?

The computer is one of the best tools that has increased the efficiency of the user by multiple times when used but some of the users face the problem of a computer shutting off without any alert.

If you are also facing this kind of situation then you can resolve it easily with these solutions.

What are the methods to resolve the random shut down problem of the computer?

You can remove the issue of random shut down of the computer for using it without any hindrance by using the fixes that are mentioned below.

Issue related to the hardware problems

One of the most common causes of the problem is the excessive usage of the computer which leads to the problem of over-heating of the device.

This predicament creates a situation in which the computer shuts itself down without your consent to provide the over-heated device with a much-needed rest.

Take the assistance of the UPS

If the shutting down of the computer is due to the power outage when you have connected the device to the power socket directly then you are recommended using the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). For everything else you can talk to Computer technical experts for support.

Infection caused by the Computer Virus

If your computer shut down time and again then one of the most common causes of this problem is the malware attack on the computer that hampers the working of some vital software that are necessary to run the PC.

How to remove the computer virus from the computer?

You can easily remove the computer virus by using the following process.

  • Launch the Anti-Virus software on the computer.
  • Run a scan to locate the Virus.
  • Once spotted, select the remove virus.
  • Follow all the steps that are necessary to remove the virus.

Updating the Operating system

Every computer runs on the operating system of which has to be updated on frequent interval of time for getting the new features of the newer version of OS and getting rid of the bugs created by old OS.