How to Change PayPal Password on App

Change PayPal password

PayPal is a platform which helps people to pay through any where in this world. It is very important to change the password time to time. Follow the below steps sin order to change your PayPal password in very simple and easy way

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Follow the below steps in order to change your PayPal password in very simple and easy way

  • Open your device and go to the PayPal application on your device
  • Input your username and password of the account in the field provided then click on next option and then press on the forget my password option.
  • Choose the option by which you want to reset the password
  • Now on this page user can pick from the option of receiving mail or call from them in order to confirm the identity of the user.
  • PayPal will now send the verification code on the selected option by the user
  • Enter the code in the box provided and click on save changes
  • Now user will have to generate a new password and enter it twice. Also it is better to input strong password with mix of sign and symbol in order to protect your account.

These were the ways to change password of PayPal and protect it from frauds. Even after going through these steps you are unable to perform the PayPal Change Password then contact to customer care service help desk number, their trained professionals will assist you in order to solve all the queries around the clock. And in that way user will be able to use your account again without any hassle.