September 16, 2019

Delta Airlines Travel Insurance Policy

Why It Is Important To Buy Delta Airlines Travel Protection Plan?
Who wants to lose their money while travelling, right? In other words, passengers would never like to lose their money after their flights has been cancelled due to any reason. Delta Airlines provides you one of its best travel programs i.e. Travel Protection Plan. If you have ever booked Delta Airlines flight for your trip then you might have heard of this term. If not, then read this article further to know more about Delta Airlines Travel Protection Plan.
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What Is Delta Airlines Travel Protection Plan? 1. When you book Delta Airlines flights, you can choose to include Delta airlines travel protection plan. Following are the benefits of travel protection plan.
2. With Travel protection plan, passengers can cancel their flights without worrying about their valuable money.
3. No cancellations fees will be charged for cancelling the Delta Airlines flights by passengers.
4. The refund amount for cancellation charges will be provided in the form of gift card to the passengers.
5. The reset of the booking amount will be credited in the passengers’ bank account.
Delta Airlines Travel Protection Plan does not cover the non-refundable parts of the unused ticket.
Hence, aforementioned points are the key details of Delta Airlines travel insurance policy. If you are planning to book your Delta reservations then opting for the company’s travel protection plan would be a better decision to protect your money.