Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy 24 hours

What is the 24-hour cancellation policy of the Turkish airlines?

Flight cancellation is another factor performed by passengers when booking. Innumerable passengers cancel their flight due to several reasons when booking. However there are solely fewer airlines that offer the flight ticket cancellation facility and Turkish airlines is one amongst those. Turkish airlines provide flight cancelation policy to its passengers and one can merely cancel flights even after booking.

Have you reserved a flight seat on Turkish airlines recently? And you would like to cancel your flight due to some specific reason? Then, you will be able to merely appeal for cancellation. Turkish airlines do not provide any 24 hour cancellation policy to its passengers. But if you want to cancel the flight ticket, you need to follow below mentioned points carefully.

·       If the passenger has cancelled their flight ticket before 12 hours of flight departure, the incurred quantity is 20% for the cancellations and the cancellation fee is computed prior to the quantity being refunded.

·       If less than one hour is left for the departure, then you are not allowed to cancel the flight ticket as there will be no approachable option for cancelling the flight ticket.

·       No refund will be given for the international flight tickets cancellation in Turkish airlines. After doing the Turkish flight reservation, you will not get any refund for the cancelled flight tickets.

·       The refund for the cancelled flight ticket is directly based on the refund policy.

For additional information on the Turkish Airlines Reservations, you are free to contact the customer support to get quick and simple solutions. The customer executives will provide the quick assistance by using the best of their knowledge and wisdom. Apart from all this, you can go to the help desk to rectify all your issues in no time.