Google account not Working on iPhone

Google Account not working on the iPhone

Google Account has a very big user base which also includes iPhone users. These users employ Google Account and use it on their iPhones. The iPhone users employ the services of the Google account and sync it with their iPhones. But some of the users face the problem in which their Google Account does not work on iPhones.

How to solve Google Account is not working on iPhone issue?

  • First, you should make sure that the internet which the iPhone is receiving is strong and stable. The Internet is the backbone of any Google Account to work on an iPhone.
  • Some Google Accounts are added to the iPhone on the email client. To solve the Google accounts not working on mac error there, you should rectify any error in the server settings of that email client.
  • Keep the operating system of your iPhone at updated for removing all the odds and unwanted features from your iPhone device.
  • Turn the iPhone off and restart it after some time to give it a cooling effect and get rid of any issue caused by overheating.
  • If your Google account is not working due to the authentication issue, then you should immediately verify your ownership on it. This can be done by recovering Google Account.
  • Factory reset the iPhone and add the Google Account again on it. This practice will remove any minor issues in the settings of the iPhone which obstruct the working of Google account.
  • Remove the temporary files from the iPhone which not only occupies the space but also use it to hinder the Google account functioning.

On getting the difficulty in rectifying the issue of Google Account not working, you need to get in touch with the Apple customer service for extra information.