November 26, 2020

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

What is Delta Airlines Name Change Policy?

Sudden changes in your travel plans always affect numerous things and when things come to travel via air, and then it becomes an annoying thing. But you can change your flight ticket in such a situation which is the only option remaining in front of you. If you reserved your flight ticket with Southwest Airlines and you are not able to travel on that specific date, then you can change your flight as it allows every passenger to change their flight ticket in a very secure manner. But it is always good to know about the flight change policy of Delta Airlines before making any kind of request for the flight change.

1.      Besides making flight changes online, you can also change your flight tickets by calling on the Delta reservation phone number.

2.      It is advised to change your flight ticket within 24 hours from the flight booking.

3.      The only changes passengers are allowed to make are date, time and flight they want to travel.

4.      If you need to make changes in the flight ticket on the same day of flight departure, then there are different policies referred to as same day flight change.

5.      There are no charges for making flight changes inside 24 hours of flight booking but you have to pay a fixed amount if you do the flight changes in the last few hours of scheduled flight departure.

With the help of above points, one can easily make changes in their flight tickets of the Delta airlines. In case you have any doubt concerning Delta Airlines reservations, you can contact the customer support team of the Delta Airlines for better and instant assistance.