American Airlines Cancellation Policy

Get all the information about American Airlines cancellation policy

American Airlines provides an online service to cancel a flight booking by going to the website of the airline. You can cancel your flight booking prior to the flight departure. Besides, if you need to cancel a flight ticket on American Airlines, you can do that easily. But before you cancel your flight tickets on American Airlines reservations, you should know the American Airlines cancellation policy.

Know Some Important Facts about American Airlines Cancellation Policy

·  If any passenger needs to cancel a flight on American Airlines and cancels a flight on the airline, then, he or she can make the cancellation under 24 hours of the flight booking. In this way, he or she would not be required to pay the cancellation charges.

·  Also, if the flight cancellation is made under 24 hours but less than 7 days from the flight departure. Then you may require to pay the cancellation fee.

·  Also, if your flight is refundable only then you would get a complete refund for the flight cancellation.

Once you get to know the cancellation policy, it will become easier for you to cancel your American Airlines reservations without paying any additional charges.