October 22, 2020

Computer is having Trouble Starting Up

Why Computer is having trouble starting up?

There are various reasons that could prevent the system from turning on, either from a dead power supply or it could be due to a broken wall outlet. If your system does turn on but won’t boot to the desktop, you’ll likely need to use some of the basic repairs to fix these things.

If you’ve never tried to fix startup troubleshooting, you may not even know where to begin the process! These below stated steps will help you to troubleshooting power and the operating system issues, from the basic level to the more advanced version, on your system. Let’s move down the street further to see everything in a more detailed way or can connect with Computer tech experts.

Some Quick steps to fix “Computer is having trouble starting up”

These are the basic, quick points that one should know to fix the issue of the computer starting up issue.

  • At the beginning of rectifying this issue, you must remove all the peripheral devices.
  • Check whether you have removed the USB cables or not from the system.
  • Put off the battery and disconnect the AC power adapter from your PC.
  • Tap on the Power button for at least 15 seconds to drain all the remaining power.
  • Now restore all the settings to default.
  • Following, connect the AC power adapter but without battery.
  • Check the blinking of caps Lock or num Lock keys.
  • The fan inside the system must keep moving.
  • You may encounter a “Windows Boot error” or “no Boot sector found” issue if there is an issue with the hard drive of the system.

Besides, above all the points to fix the computer is having trouble starting up, if required you can call directly on the Computer technical support to get the immediate feedback or reply for the response. Even you can take help from friends, colleagues or other to sort everything.